FAT it can make you perfect

Fat, love it or hate it, we have it, we need it, but how do we fine tune it and find our way around the urban myths surrounding it to attain lean body perfection? Here are Fat Attack’s directions to help you find your way out the fat maze…

Invest in Exercise to Counter SAD

As the clock’s go back in the autumn, simultaneously it is Day 1 for those that suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder). This depression can for many severely impair their daily life cyclically – that means symptoms can dissipate as quickly as they began.

Calves-Winter forget-me-not stretches

As the temperatures plunge and we begin wearing more rather than less, it’s all too easy to depriortise what isn’t on daily display and that particularly applies to calves as they get stuffed into opaques and hidden in trousers.

Meatless Mondays…

If you are considering following Paul McCartney’s Meatless Monday Campaign, but are hesitatant, not knowing what to cook, we can recommend the Fat Attack’s Nutritionist, Yvonne Bishop Weston’s new cook book written in celebration of the diamond jubilee of the Vegan Society

Keeping up the Good Work

Fat Attack’s aim is to get fit and help you stay fit. Following on from your attendance at a Fat Attack boot camp, you will receive a fitness programme to take away and use to establish your routine at home.

Energizing Beetroot Smoothie

For those that have never tried a Beetroot Smoothie now is the time. These wonderful veggies are jam packed with potassium, essential in helping muscle contraction, sending nerve impulses to help release energy from our food and keeping blood pressure down.