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Fitness Weekends & One Day Bootcamps

One Day Fitness Bootcamps
Try out our one day ultimate fitness experience designed to challenge,motivate and give you just the kick start you are hoping for...
You will be amazed at what a difference a DAY MAKES!

Ultimate Fitness weekends
Experience an all inclusive fitness weekend packed with bags of motivation..

‘Fat Attack’ is a unique and highly effective fitness weekend designed to help you fight FAT and get FIT. Conducted by world class fighting champions and elite trainers, our  intensive fitness programmes will put you through your paces  whatever your fitness levels and objectives. Do you need a  much needed kick-start to a healthier & fitter life?  Are you training for  fitness goal, sport, competition or  uber activity? Do you want to kick start the loss of those stubborn pounds? Fat ATTACK IT.....

A Choice In How You Lose Weight

Our residential weekend camps feature two options "Fat Attack Basic",and "Fat Attack Plus" both of which have one thing in common SWEAT. Both options are work friendly and are conveniently run from Friday 12 noon through to Sunday lunchtime, so there is no need for you to miss a whole day from work, if you don't want to....

Tricep work at Fat Attack Boot Camps

Boot Camps with the Luxury of choice

Our 'Boot Camps' offer the unique combination of intensive fitness with the luxury of being able to decide whether you get cosy  in our shared basic option and just like to get on with some lean, mean fitness , or you prefer your own space with a few creature comforts and  still have some lean mean fitness!!

The camp offers "Mixed" and "Women Only" ultimate fitness solutions which are open to all levels and ages, plus special bespoke camps for social, corporate and sports groups wishing to fitness team build or  take their fitness to the next level.

The Best Shape of Your Life

It is easy to find excuses putting off getting back into shape. It's even easier to find a whole host of reasons not to 'participate' in an intensive 48 hour workout. Here's a few of our FAQs, that may just help you decide you have both the time and the inclination to Fat Attack!
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All Inclusive Weekend Fitness BootCamps

Fat Attack are proud to receive: 5***** rating based on 99 reviews from our customers on value and quality for our fitness solution services.